Chile for Every Plate 

I&O Foods imports Mexican dry chiles authentic for our customer base. Therefore, we are very meticulous about ensuring the selection of real Mexican chiles; chiles from Mexico boast certain characteristics due to the combination of soil, sun, and proper irrigation. This unique combination yields explosive, flavor-filled Chiles such as Ancho, Mulato, Negro, Guajillo, Chipotle, Morita, and many others.

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From Mexican Fast Food, Restaurants, and in the Home—Spice Is the Essence


If you’re looking for unique spices from other parts of the world, we’ve got it, or we’ll get it. I&O Foods carries spices for your customers’ kitchen, distributors, restaurants repacking, or for individual quantities sales. You’ll also find the main staple spices needed for everyday use by restaurants, fast food, and restaurant chains’ single locations.